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BEANS ON TOAST - Releases A Damning New Protest Song

As the UK Government lies through its teeth to defend the guilty and disguise a death toll completely out of control, BEANS ON TOAST voices the public fury in a damning new protest song… ‘Chessington World of Adventures’. WATCH VIDEO HERE | DOWNLOAD HERE Yes. Like the deceptive “daily briefings” and fudged figures we’re expected to swallow, the title of Beans’ new single is deliberately misleading too.

A world away from fun and games of its usual day-to-day activities, the theme-park-turned-coronavirus-testing-centre in Surrey was recently exposed for its severe failings to return the critical results of patients and NHS staff. With many results returned to the wrong person or even lost completely, Beans uses ‘Chessington World of Adventures’ as a case study to exemplify the complete incompetence of the current government as they scramble to lie and cover their backs.

Softly sung, yet acid of lyric, the deceptively humorous beginnings of ‘Chessington World of Adventures’ give way to find Beans mounting an informed and incensed case against the innumerable failings of Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. Commenting on undelivered promises of PPE, false truths of “herd immunity”, to forcing the NHS to rely on charity and much more; Beans cuts through all of the propaganda and misinformation to deliver a protest song with its finger on the pulse. As Beans says: 

"I've always written about current events, and with the world now changing so fast I've been writing more than ever. Unfortunately, I found it impossible not to write a song about the political sh**show and the clowns in charge."

A simple and sinister video featuring members of the public in protective face coverings was created especially for the track, featuring images by visual artist Pit Lad (who is also credited for the release’s artwork and images here). Written, recorded and released from quarantine, ‘Chessington World of Adventures’ is available via his website today. His third single since lockdown began, it follows ‘Strange Days’ and recent release ‘Human Contact’.

To mark the release of ‘Chessington World of Adventures’’, Beans on Toast will host his third Facebook Livestream this Sunday (7 June). Expect some old songs, some new songs, tales and chat. You’ll be able to tune in at 8pm here

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