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bbno$ - mathematics

If you have been keeping an eye on social media lately, you will no come across Canadian hip-hop artist bbno$ who has really been driving music fans wild with the release of his latest song mathematics which dropped just 5 days ago (8th April 2022 to be exact).

I am very picky when it comes to hip-hop but for me mathematics sees bbno$ entering the 2022 music scene like a breath of fresh air, which makes me want to hear his music even more. As a song-writer bbno$ strikes me as the type of person who just speaks from the mind, in a way that it both poetic and true, which helps any first time listener resonate with it even more.

While the industry might describe his music as being similar to the likes of Lil Dicky and Oliver Tree, I see what they are getting at, but you know what, bbno$ with songs like mathematics is creating his own path. His vocals also makes it feel like he is in the room with me having a conversation - which in my case is bbno$ speaking and me listening and bopping away as I embrace all the brilliant things his music is bringing to my life.

Being honest I would of probably not of listened to bbno$ had it not been for everything I was seeing on social media, but I tell you what I am so damn happy that I took that leap of faith and checked out mathematics, because wow this is some seriously good music which makes me want to invest in bbno$ even more.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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