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Badmind brings us phases with no flaws

Already hotly tipped for a strong 2021, Badmind release new single, “Flaws and Phrases”. Hailing from the North East of England, this new release follows the success of their latest single “100 Roses” but then who can argue that every single has not been successful, cause they certainly have been!!

The pop/hip hop duo have been tipped by many to own 2021, also featuring in our very own, “Top 5 North East Artists of 2021” for Darkus Magazine. They have also been favourites for BBC Introducing with multiple radio plays and to top of the continued support from BBC Introducing, the band are set to represent the North East by playing at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend with the release of the single coinciding with their performance.

As a lover of RnB/Hip Hop, it was hard not to instantly like the bands releases with their infectious beats and the lush vocals from Dayna, complimenting each other so well on every track Dayna and Jamie have put together!

“Flaws and Phases” as one can garner from the title, is a love song about loving someone despite all the flaws and phases that we all carry. The opening of the track is different to ones that we have heard before from the band, with a nice acoustic guitar opening from local musician, Stuart Davies, and the introduction of a brass instrument, which you may think doesn’t work with a hip hop track but you’d be wrong!! The tenor saxophone, played by local musician, Alex Saxon, comes in so smoothly and instantly gives you a chilled vibe with the snap of the beat behind making your head bop in time to the time signature.

Dayna’s lyricism in the track comes from that of insecurity in the relationship. The first few opening lyrics, “But when it gets past 9, my suspicions are starting to rise”. We can all relate too, we have all had our share of doubting one’s intentions and location after a period of time at night and letting our mind run with doubt and suspicion, querying are the really where they say they are and do we believe what they say or is it a lie we lead ourself to believe?

The lyricism takes on this up and down journey of emotion, doubt and belief. The opening of the track begins with the fights and things that fuel these even more but we transition to seeing it through the other person’s eyes, Dayna sings about the partners words and they make her feel safe and that it’s her own insecurities in herself that make her question the good nature of the relationship.

The chorus solidifies this so well as the title of the song becomes dominant. Lyrics like, “And you love me through all my flaws and phases”, gives an indication the partner is well aware of all the flaws and phases that are present, but this is yet to stop them from loving the person they choose to be with whilst also putting their partners insecurities to ease despite the question. “I hope you stay through all my flaws and phases”

The production of this track is so superbly done, everything from the opening verse leading to the chorus and then the verses in between! The beat behind the vocals is not harsh and with it being an acoustic guitar led track which you can hear all the way through it blends so well. The one thing I have really come to love on this track is that saxophone!!

Featuring during the choruses and other sections of the track is so subtle and adds an element to the song that takes it somewhere else and it’s hard not to get lost when you hear it come in! But the stand out for me for the saxophone is the instrumental interlude between the final two choruses where they have allowed the saxophone to shine its light as a solo piece, it doesn't overpower itself and compliments and blends in with the track, cementing itself rightly in the track!! Great work from Alex on the saxophone!!

Overall this track proves the creativity of both Dayna and Jamie, lending on emotion of a relationship and insecurities and the production techniques to know what works well to capture the listener and make them follow the beat and at times make you snap your fingers in time to the beat. A single that is set to do so well for the band. For me, I hear the phases working so well and hear absolutely no flaws in this track!! (Pun well and truly meant haha)

The latest single “Flaws and Phrases” is available to listen on all major platforms.

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Article By Dave Shaw

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