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Backstage with Sam Fischer: London’s Newest Music Maven

We met with Sam Fischer backstage at Omeara in London, just before his intimate, high-energy set. Despite the challenges of jet lag, Sam was excited and ready to share his journey and new beginnings with us. He's no stranger to Darkus, Sam has been with us for the past couple of years and we will always support him.

Having written for the likes of Demi Lovato, Keith Urban, Ciara, Cian Ducrot and Cat Burns, and finding global success with viral TikTok hit This City, Sam’s debut album, I Love You Please Don’t Hate Me, is his first extended body of work. It is a compilation of tracks he has written over his career, and the common theme is his relationship with himself - which at times has been fraught.

How are you handling the jet lag?

Absolutely terrible jet lag, but you’ve just got to push through. It’s part of the job.

You mentioned you’ve just moved to London. How’s that going?

I moved here yesterday! Home is where the heart is, and right now, my heart is in London. It feels like the right place for me, especially with so many of my friends, my management, and my agents being here.

How do you feel about London’s music scene?

London has an incredible energy, especially for music. The writing scene here is just unmatched. It’s a great place to be creatively right now.

What do you like least about London so far? 

Honestly, I’ve only been here for 24 hours, and the sun actually came out! So far, I don’t have anything bad to say. I’m just excited about living in a new space and experiencing everything London has to offer.

You’ve lived in the United States for a long time. What brought you to move to the United Kingdom?

I spent the last 14 years in America, but it just wasn’t the place for me anymore. The pandemic shifted a lot of things, and I realized how much I needed to be somewhere that felt right. Going back to Australia is always hard to leave, but it feels good to be connected to my roots. Now, London feels like the perfect new chapter.

How was your experience working with Guy Sebastian?

Guy and I have become super close. Collaborating with him on “Antitode” was incredible. He followed me on Insta but never messaged me so I did. We then set up a writing session at his house. He’s got one of the best voices, and working together has been fantastic. It's been a fantastic journey to see that song being created and I'm very proud of it!

Can you tell us about your recent release, “Parents”?

“Parents” is about my experience, but I wanted it to resonate with a broader audience. Many people have told me the song speaks to them, and that’s what I hope for with my music. It’s about my issues with my dad and my gratitude for my mom, but it’s also about everyone’s unique relationship with their parents.

Was it difficult to write such a personal song?

It was intense. Writing it definitely brought up a lot, but the response has been incredible. People have called me brave for putting it out there, but I just see it as being honest.

How do you feel about the response to your album? 

 I’m really happy it’s finally out. It took way too long, but I’m proud of it. The response has been beautiful from those who have heard it. I wish it was a big number-one album, but regardless, it’s an amazing body of work, and I’m grateful it’s out there.

What’s next for you musically?

I just put out “Parents,” and the plan is to release something new before each tour. I’m touring a lot this year, so expect lots of new music. I’m also looking to have another project out by 2025. There might be some exciting features coming up too.

How are you feeling about tonight’s show in London?

I’m excited. I’ve got my optimism back, and I’m ready to share that with the audience tonight. It’s an incredible feeling to be here, in this city, with these people.

With his heartfelt and energetic set at Omeara, Sam Fischer’s new life in London marks a vibrant new beginning for the artist and his ever-evolving journey in music.

Words by Sal F.

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