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Astral Lite - Strawberry Moon

If you looking for something a little experimental to add to your playlist, but one that leaves you say ‘ooooo’, then I may have just the treat for you. Recently I was fortunate enough to check out the brand new track Strawberry Moon by Florida based Astral Lite.

Now if you know your music history, you will most likely know that Astral Lite who were most known for being called a post-punk jam band, were known for their heavier tunes especially in the early years of their career. However since founding member Johnie Palmer and drummer Kaelin Boone decided to reunite after spending some time apart when the band went on hiatus in 2018, to the joy of countless Astal Lite fans the band announced their rebirth and return to the music scene in 2021. With the addition of Amanda Boone the three pushed forward to breathe new life and take a new direction with their music.

Forgive the history lesson here, but there is a point for me highlighting this, because if we fast forward to 2022, then the release of Strawberry Moon, after giving it a listen a good few times, just makes me excited for this new chapter for Astral Lite. I remember when I clicked that play button the first time I heard Strawberry Moon a few days ago, and remember saying out loud to myself ‘wow this sounds so dreamy’.

For anyone with an attentive ear, you may pick up those undertones of Astral Lite’s past post-punk influences but the hero of this song in particular is the almost psychedelic elements both vocally and soniacally which make me realise that this is much more than a new track but in fact a piece of art. I could quite easily see myself listening to Strawberry Moon over and over again, and I honestly think as well given how this song can easily leave you feeling capitaved, the Astral Lite of 2022 will certainly give the likes of Tame Impala and Parcels a run for their money.

Released March 25, 2022, Strawberry Moon by Astral Lite is available now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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