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ASHLEY KUTCHER Releases Breathtaking New Single 'IF I COULD'

Following the success of her track Love You From A Distance which received a lot of admiration from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Baltimore singer-song writer Ashley Kutcher is back with her brand new single If I Could. Relatively new to her music myself, I have to say this latest installment has to be one of the most breathtaking and beautiful pieces of music I have ever had the privilege of listening to.

The moment I pressed play I was overcome with such emotion, as I felt an instant connection to Ashley, due to the heartfelt nature of her skills as a lyricist. For me this is not just music, but this special bond between listener and artist where you are given this special opportunity to step into each other’s worlds, which leaves you thinking, dang Ashley your speaking to my heart.

If we focus even more closer on the depth behind the lyrics, what gives If I Could that extra level of relatability is through this song Ashley gives us the true meaning of what it means to create strength be it vulnerability or sadness, but in a way that leaves you coming out the other side feeling hopeful and empowered knowing that you are not alone, For example, the line, 'If I could, I’d carry you until your out the woods, I’d love to see you live the life that you should’ wow such a beautiful lyric which will forever make me smile whenever I hear it.

If news of a new single for all music fans was not exciting enough, well wanting to give fans the extra opportunity to embrace the energy and vision behind If I Could, she also released an accompanying music video. Let me tell you something if you listen to the song, and then watch the music video as well, it just elevates this already captivating track to a whole new level.

When you look at If I Could along with all the other releases Ashley has made, it is easy to see how she is continuing to grow in confidence as she embraces her identity as an artist. She may still be new to us folks living her in the UK, but there is no doubt it will only be a matter of time till everyone is chanting and lifting up the name of the one and only Ashley Kutcher. So what are you waiting for, check out If I Could right now!

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Article By Thushara

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