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Engaging sight, smell, sound and touch, the Tokyo/London-based artist duo A.A. Murakami, the artists behind Studio Swine, debuts a dynamic new multi- sensory experience next month in London. Specifically created for Burlington Gardens, Silent Fall builds on A.A. Murakami’s practice of creating immersive experiences that dissolve the borders between technology and nature.

Opened during Frieze Week in October in London, the ground-breaking new venture is dedicated to producing, presenting and engaging audiences with experiential art, following the opening of the company’s centre in Miami in May 2021, and its forthcoming debut in New York this September in collaboration with The Shed.

Somewhere to go if you have 10 minutes spare in your day, but not worth the price and wouldn't be upset if I couldn't go. It's a one room only experience. It would've been nicer if it wasn't this dark, my pictures didn't even come out right.

At the beginning I thought there were more rooms, more exciting things to see, instead just bubbles coming out these metallic trees which will dissolve in your hands.

Again, nothing crazy and not even so much to talk about. You might be able to take some photos for instagram but that's it.

VISITING THE EXPERIENCE Silent Fall A new commission by A.A. Murakami, presented by Superblue 12 October 2021 – Summer 2022 // 6 Burlington Gardens, adjacent to the Royal Academy of Arts London W1S 3ET

Admission: Tuesday – Thursday: 10 am – 7 pm Friday – Sunday: 10 am – 8 pm

Tickets: Tickets are available on the door, or online at Superblue aims to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all visitors and follows official government COVID-19 protocols.

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