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Ari Abdul - Babydoll

Although I tend to consume a lot of rock and indie music the majority of the time, lately I have been delving into the world of pop and electro-pop, which has been so enlightening I have discovered so many amazing artists who I wouldn’t normally of known about otherwise.

One such artist is the incredible US based artist Ari Abdul and her brand new single Babydoll which was released on 4th April 2022. What love about Babydoll, which is a credit to Ari’s songwriting skills, is how heartfelt it is and has such raw emotion to it, which you as a listener find yourself becoming drawn in by. Infusing vulnerability and giving it a safe space can sometimes be overwhelming for anyone, yet alone a musician, but Ari successfully takes this vulnerability and transforms it into something powerful and strong.

I have no shame in admitting this, but I can tell you the very first time I heard Babydoll, I must of listened to the song atleast 20 times on repeat as I just felt the energy, took in the vibe of the song and felt captivated in Ari Abdul’s presence. As a emerging artist, Ari has got off to 2022 brilliantly, and I think from here it is only a matter of time till she becomes one of the rising stars of a new generation of sensational electro-pop artists.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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