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Arapina - Distinct Baking


Yes, you heard that right, the delights of a fluffy traditional batter pudding, and a Vegan version, which anyone can enjoy, in Yorkshire or anywhere!

Its just one of the recipes perfected by South London’s Arapina bakery, who have been working hard for 10 years to bring not only delicious locally baked food for their customers calling in to their two bakeries, but now available through their wholesale division across many Fullers pubs, from the Isle of Wight to the West Midlands.

CEO Michaela Pontiki says:

We were thrilled when our great team of specialist chefs developed a perfect vegan sourdough Yorkshire pudding. We get great feedback from customers of Fullers pubs, and pleased this has been such an important part of our growing wholesale business.

Just one of a range of food products from Arapina - the leading company in producing artisan baked goods to meet a wide range of diets – Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Sugar free.

To find out more, check out their website or if you’re local pop into their bakeries, open in Greenwich and East Dulwich, or catch them at local markets. They’d love to meet you.

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