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Andy Shaw Band - Feel Like Livin

It has been just under a year since US based Andy Shaw Band released their last track, Even When I’m Aching, but the good news is they are back with their brand new single Feel Like Livin, which was released on 29th March 2022.

Upto this point I have not really been familiar with the Andy Shaw Band, so when I heard about Feel Like Livin, I approached it like any first time listener. The stand out part of this song, is that the lyrics are honest and speak from the heart, whereby you are getting to the center of the real emotion and feeling. Yes Feel Like Livin does come across almost like an internal monlogue addressing the frustrations of life, but equally within the same breath is a element of strength, which takes all those stressful thoughts and transforms it into hope.

Any artist who is able to go head on with vulnerability and turn it into something positive will always gain my respect, and I could easily see how given time, Feel Like Livin will turn from just being your average song but instead something quite cathartic for any listener. I think it also makes a huge impact given that it is a male expressing these thoughts and emotions, because while this song can resonate with anyone, for us guys its a real motivation and encouragement to re-evaluate the way we perceive the footsteps of our life.

I may sound like I am getting pretty deep here, but this is a credit to Andy Shaw Band and their song Feel Like Livin, that gives us listens that extra guiding help to navigate through our daily lives with a positive outlook.

Available to listen to on all major platforms, Feel Like Livin is just a click away, so get listening today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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