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Aminta Skye - Canyons

US based singer-songwriter Aminta Skye released her brand new beautiful single Canyons on 25th March 2023, which is certainly one of the most captivating songs I have heard in a while. As a music fan I like to hear music which excites me, and Aminta Skye certainly does this with this song.

Yes I am new to her music, but in these precious moments , I begin to get a real feel about her art as a songwriter which is presented in such a poetic and almost symbolic way. You are not just listening your connecting as you sense a special kind of synergy being created between your and the enchantment of Amnita’s world.

Canyons follows her earlier release Ring Around The Sun which was released back in 2021. While that is special in its own way, with Canyons you can really see how Aminta is on that journey of growth, whereby the strength in her music speaks for itself. I will be keeping a very close eye on what she shares with us next, but for now I shall enjoy every moment of Canyons.

Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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