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AM0RA - Stay Pony, Golden Boy

Regardless of what your genre of choice may be, I always say to my friends that you can never go wrong with a bit of screamo or post-hardcore beats in your life. If you dare take that leap of faith then I recommend that you check out Stay Pony, Golden Boy the latest single by US based band AM0RA, which not only hits the spots, but also gives you an experience where you will be thirsting for more.

Listening to this song takes me back to that adrenaline rush of some of the bands I have checked out over the years and even the brilliant post-hardcore shows I have had the pleasure of attending, making me wish I could just run into the crowd, and sing along at the top of my lungs to AM0RA, because listening to their music feels like getting a most welcome and most pleasant of adrenaline rushes.

People have this assumption that post-hardcore music can be a bit ‘shouty’ and I remember when people I knew found out how much I adored this genre they would tease and ask if I even understood what was being said. The fact is their is depth in to the lyrics in any post hardcore song, and via Stay Pony, Golden Boy I love AM0RA have the ability to take the art of songwriting and take it to a new level where for me as a listener I get those goosebumps because of just how raw the emotion is and how the song as a whole is so relatable.

I would have no problem of cranking up the volume and feeling the energy of Stay Pony, Golden Boy because it is such a brilliant song, and I think if you haven't listened yet, then I would say give it a chance because otherwise you are seriously missing out on something pretty special.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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