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Alta Falls - Trust Me

Time to buckle yourself in as we head over to Brisban, Australia the home of indie alternative outfit Alta Falls who on 5th May 2022 released their brand new track Trust Me. Listening to the song for the first time, I have to say it was quite a dreamy and calming song to listen to and is the type of song to put you in good spirits as it brings a smile to your face.

In regards to the lyrics, it feels quite heart felt, open and honest, which is something I always like, because it makes it all the more easier to connect and build a bond with the music you are listening to. I sometimes say to my friends when I tell them about something new to embrace it, because you can really feel the music, be that that melodies, the energy of the song or the beauty within the song writing - and listening to Trust Me, I can feel myself doing the same.

I never knew about Alta Falls before today but i am so grateful they came into my life now because they are the type of band I would happily listen to time and time again. Gone are the days where the only people who influenced your music choices are the bands from your own country or your local neighbourhood, as now we live in a world where we can discover great music from any part of the globe, so having bands like Alta Falls giving us beautiful songs such as Trust Me is such a blessing.

I cannot wait to hear and experience more of Alta Falls because I feel that they are the type of band which continue to go from strength to strength and captivating countless music fans along the way. So if you want to be part of that, it all begins by checking out Trust Me which is out right now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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