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All Hallows Eve Rebirth - Twists, turns and plenty of vengeance!

A world without Eve Valentine? Could this be true? After leaving us all on the edge of our seats during Dolly vs Eve: Homecoming, County Durham filmmaker, Dean Midas announced that this October he would be releasing his next masterpiece - All Hallows Eve Rebirth.

Our last outing with the most mischievous and merciless female killers in the world of horror, saw the Queen of The Spade, Dolly and the slayer of the blade, Eve Valentine do something that no one expected, join forces to try and avoid being caught by the police.

Ditching their costumes, with the police unable to recognise them, the pair walked out the front door of the Manor Hotel without any suspicion, while two helpless members of the public were forced to take their place and shot down - leaving the authorities and the world to think that the reign of terror had finally been put to an end.

With us so far? Good now lets continue on to the latest film. With the former Chief-Inspector retired and no longer in the picture, the weight of what truly happened on the day of the Dolly & Eve vs Police Shoot out rests solely on the shoulders of Officer Reed. Being the one of the original acting police officers who was no stranger to antics of Eve and Dolly from the very beginning, his colleagues are keen to find out exactly what happened and if the stories are true - are they really dead?

However like all good films, Hallows Eve is full of many twists and turns, and with rumours going around that a string of killings happening fitting the same m.o as Eve Valentine, the question on everyone’s mind - surely it can’t be her? Can it? However desperate to get to the bottom of the strange killings, we are introduced to the new chief inspector. He seems up for the challenge, but does he truly understand what he has let himself in for, because copy cat or otherwise, the very name Eve Valentine is a name you do not want to get on the wrong side of. Friend or Foe, that is only something the real Eve Valentine will ever know!

There is so much I want to scream out loud about this film that I wish I could share, but not wanting to double-cross the slayer of the blade, I promised myself that I wouldn’t give any spoilers away. What I can say about this film though as it will leave you hooked, whilst also giving you those moments where you jump out of your seat, shout out a little scream and of course plenty of shouting at the screen as the words ‘run you f**king fool, she’s behind you’. Another thing I can also say, is that we also see the return of some familiar faces, reunited through their shared trauma and stress that Eve Valentine has brought to their life.

Having the immersed my life into the world of Eve Valentine for the past couple of years, it has been great to see how Dean supported by his team as well as the cast have allowed each film to grow from strength to strength, and this latest helping very much continues in that vain.I would wholeheartedly say that your Halloween season would not be complete without watching this film. Where will the story of Eve Valentine take us next - that is something we cannot predict just yet, but for now stay out of the shadows, lock all the doors and keep looking over your shoulder, because you never know Eve Valentine could be closer that you think.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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