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Alien Grace - Yabada

It has only been released less than a week, but still I can well and truly say I am absolutely infatuated by Yabada, the brand new single by Germany based 7 member band Alien Grace. For anyone listening for the first time, this new single should come with its own disclaimer ‘Warning - highly addictive’ because it is the type of song which have you wanting to reach for that replay button time and time again.

What I really enjoy about Yabada as as a song is that it draws you in at the very beginning, which in a way makes you feel you are being enchanted. Furthermore while I may not know many 7 member bands, listening to Yabada you can really tell how each member brings their own flavour and energy to their music. You have traces and similarities (if you really focus carely) to influences such as System of A Down combined with a generous helping of Alien Grace’s very own charm.

What you will find with Yabada as well as that Alien Grace have this ability to make their lyrics so relatable, and even give off a vibe which regardless of whether you know the words at the very beginning you will still find yourself singing along to your hearts content in next to no time. I really cannot wait to see what else Alien Grace have in store for us all moving forward, but if Yabada is anything to go by Alien Grace are one of those special bands who will create such a positive impact due to exceptional tracks such as Yabada. So stop what you are doing and give Yabada a spin today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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