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Album Review: Evanescence – The Bitter Truth (Released March 26th)

Photo By Nick Fancher

‘an album that exceeds expectations on every level’

10 whole years we’ve been waiting for new music since the release of the last self-titled album from ‘Evanescence’

Evanescence have just released their first album of original material in a decade, can you believe it. Drip feeding singles over the last 10 months or so leading up to this moment. And what a sweet moment it is with ‘The Bitter Truth’. From the opening bars of the haunting prelude Artifact /The Turn right through to the final track of ‘Blind Belief’.

The rhythmic drums and chugging under riff that lead us in to the ‘Broken Pieces Shine’ delivering the clear message to everyone, that Evanescence is back and hasn’t lost sight of their roots. Wonderful soaring vocal melodies and layered choruses from the phenomenal talented Amy Lee, driven on by the guitar breaks and heavy riffs from Troy McLawhorn.

An album that was made under exceptional circumstances with band members scattered across different US states and Europe. But with no less meticulous detail gone in to every single track. It’s an album that exceeds expectations on every level.

Distinctly Evanescence but with an odd musical reference that you pick up, such as the Muse-esque ‘Yeah Right’ with it’s pop-rock overtones!

“Use My Voice” has a strong political message lyrically, building musically from a ballad to a soaring sing along rock anthem and features backing vocals from Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Lindsey Stirling, and some of Lee’s friends and family members.

Those lighter tones such as ‘Wasted on You’ with punchy guitars to the magnificent epic ‘Far From Heaven’ showing that Amy Lee still has one of the most outstanding and dynamic voices in rock and onward to the metal guitar and synth combo driven ‘Better Without You’

This album sits right at the heart of what every Evanescence fan has been waiting for and gives those who have yet to discover them, something that will send them reaching for the back catalogue, an album with power, energy and emotion.

This release certainly puts them back at the forefront of being one of todays modern epic rock acts.

Article By Steve Harrison

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