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Album Review: A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome

A Day To Remembers seventh studio album finally hits the streets!

It seems like forever that we’ve been waiting for the release of A Day To Remember’ seventh album ‘You’re Welcome’, and at last it’s here, 5 whole years since the previous release ‘Bad Vibrations’.

Originally scheduled for release in 2019, set to the backdrop of the trials and tribulations that beset A Day To Remember departure from victory records, you would have expected some more powerful insight articulated through the band’s music and lyrics on this album, alas it doesn’t and You’re Welcome’ hasn’t really decided what it wants to be.

There will still be those ardent fans that yearn for the likes of Homesick and For Those Who Have Heart and yet we expect a band to grow, mature and progress but I’m not sure that ‘You’re Welcome’ does that with any sense of cohesion.

Don’t get me wrong the opener Brick Wall is an absolute raging banger but then the album seems to meander its way through some over polished pop-punk rock interspersed with the odd crushing, crabbing breakdown we’ve come to know and love, ‘Last Chance To Dance’ and ‘Permanent’ giving the old flavours of what long-time fans would want.

There is almost a sense of frustration, that five year break between releases didn’t amount to the expectations of fans, but I’ve got to say we don’t always get what we want and whilst being a major fan of A Day To Remember, this album just doesn’t quite hit the mark and it’s not as welcoming as you want it to be.

Article By Steve Harrison

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