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Al Stew - Love Is A Lie Pt. 2

Al Stew - this may be the first time hearing his name, but it certainly won’t be the last. Based in the US, this up and coming artist has released his brand new track Love Is A Lie Pt. 2, and is probably one of the most powerful hip-hop tracks you will ever hear.

Love Is A Lie Pt. 2 is layered with honesty, where you see the vulnerability of those inner thoughts mixed with emotion and strength, which make you warm to the song even more. If you could imagine what it would be like to have a sit down with your internal monologue as you have a heart to heart, then Love Is A Lie Pt. 2 is how I imagine that conversation would look like.

I do not know much about Al Stew but Love Is A Lie Pt. 2 has captured my attention as a music fan, because the music speaks for itself and is a song I would thoroughly enjoy checking out time and time again.

The world of hip-hop has a new member, and his name is Al Stew. Love Is A Lie Pt. 2 is just the beginning so check it out now because I have a feeling what’s to come is something you do not want to miss.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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