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Airship Caravan - Take Me Alive

WIth news of their latest EP on the horizon, US based indie rock band Airship Caravan have been teasing their fans with a taster in the shape of their latest single, Take Me Alive.

It was not until recently I knew that Airship Caravan existed had it not been for Take Me Alive, but I tell you what they are a band I certainly want in my life more. As a song itself, Take Me Alive has an energy about it which draws you in and leaves you feeling addicted, with a catchy beat and lyrics which just grab your attention from the very beginning. Before you know it you are singing along, helped nicely with a few ‘woah oh’s oh’s’ to stimulate a bit of crowd participation - so its only right you oblige and join in right?

Prior to this new EP, Airship Caravan released their debut album Into Dreams back in 2020, so if you compare both the album and recent bodies of work such as the newest Take Me Alive track, you can tell how this new track really shows brilliantly how the band have continued to excel and grow on all levels and have certainly come a long way since their music student days in 2018.

I always seek music that I can shamelessly listen to my hearts content with zero fucks given to how many times I press that replay button, and for me Take Me Alive is that track that ticks that box. I wait in anticipation to see what other treats these talented band from Minneapolis have to treat us to next, but tell you what I am ready so bring it on!

Excited to find out more? Start listening to Take Me Alive - you won’t regret it!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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