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Aggressive Soccer Moms - It’s Not Love

If you looked to add a nice bit of lo-fi post punk to your playlist, then we recommend that you check out Swedish duo Aggressive Soccer Moms and their brand new single, It’s Not Love.

I have to admit before this point I was new to their music myself, so being able to experience their music as a first time listener was quite exciting because I did not know what to expect. As I listened attentively to It’s Not Love I was pleasantly surprised, as the music drew me in, where I found myself feeling engaged throughout.

Post-punk sometimes has this reputation of being fast paced and in your face, but with It’s Not Love , Aggressive Soccer Moms offer something different which is actually quite calming to listen to, but still offers depth on a lyrical level. Ok if you listen to other songs that the duo have created such as Quarantine or I’m So Happy Today, then It’s Not Love will appear to be a tad on the mellow side, but it is equally as strong nonetheless.

In terms of songwriting I just love how open and outspoken It’s Not Love is, because it gets you thinking and makes it all the more intriguing to listen to. As I said I am not too familiar with Aggressive Soccer Moms back catalogue of music, but based on It’s Not Love alone, it is a song which has a lot of character to it with a lot of intricacy infused into it, thus making it probably one of the powerful and moving songs post-punk tracks you could ever listen to.

I can’t wait to see what this talented duo captivate us with next in the months to come, and am grateful to now have been able to incorporate a little bit of their music into my life moving forward. Available to listen to now, It’s Not Love. is not a song to be missed.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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