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ADELINE - Intérimes out today || New 'Just Another Day' Video || Intimate Gig TONIGHT!

Today (10 July), ADELINE releases her brand new EP: Intérimes. 7 Songs of future facing, genre-transcending pop of the highest calibre, the EP arrives as the much anticipated follow-up to her 2018’s s/t debut album. Stream the Full EP here

In celebration of the release of Intérimes, Adeline will be hosting an exclusive launch show LIVE from her apartment in NYC. Taking place TONIGHT @ 9PM ET (2am BST), fans are invited to tune into an intimate and unmissable performance from Adeline’s own living room. Hosted by journalist Elaine Welteroth, the show will be viewable for free via her Instagram page HERE*. (*An additional show will be hosted at an earlier time for European audiences in due course - standby for details imminently.) Following several strong singles w/ homemade (quarantine) videos including ‘Middle’, ‘Twilight’ and ‘After Midnight’, Adeline is pleased to mark the EP’s release with another self-directed video for the EP’s sultry and soulful center-piece, ‘Just Another Day'. Shot in the Hamptons with her husband Sinclair on DP duty, and friend/collaborator Jonathan Singletary as co-director/DP, the video features Adeline portraying several characters, along with guest appearances by friends.

“‘Just Another Day’ is about questioning your place in the world, not feeling accepted, pretending to be in someone else's shoes, so I wanted to show characters that exude confidence and self-acceptance as a message of hope for the LGBTQ people out there who feel rejected and misunderstood” notes Adeline. “The video features 3 beautiful friends of mine, Yussuf, Gitoo and Bambi. They are some of the people in my life who I look up to the most when it comes to confidence and style.” Check it out here:

Released a little later than initially planned, the Intérimes EP arrives during a time of major upheaval in America and the wider world. While these new songs confirm Adeline as an artist daring to challenge conformity and break the mould, it is the experiences leading up to their release that have also given Adeline much to reflect on. Speaking about her involvement in the recent BLM protests and ruminating on her role in the industry Adeline has written the following statement to accompany the release today: 

“The recent events of this tumultuous 2020 have made me reflect on what my place is in the world and in the music business. I’ve always been aware of the responsibility artists have to spread a positive message but I realized that whenever I perform and use my voice, it is a form of protest. Being an immigrant black woman, it is a constant fight internally and externally to find my place in this world. And I want to actively work towards making this world better for people like me. I just want everybody to know what I stand for and my hope is that supporting my music goes with a consciousness of supporting Black artists, Black women and Black lives.” Watch Adeline leading a musical moment  @ a #BLM protest in Brooklyn, June, 2020 As well as an ascending star in the Funk & Soul scene, Adeline is a multi-instrumentalist, fashionista, BLM activist, and bass-player in CeeLo Green’s band. Following her departure from NYC nu-disco outfit Escort, the French-Carribean singer has begun forging a prominent solo career of her own, releasing her eponymous debut album in 2018 and its stately follow-up EP this Summer: ‘Intérimes’. The EP title is a mash-up of the French words “intérim” (“the in between time”) and “rime” (French for rhyme), with each track on Intérimes capturing a specific mood as a day turns into night. Forging platinum pop from a white-hot crucible of styles and genres, its intoxicating evidence of an artist truly coming into their own. All tracks were produced by Adeline and her production partner Morgan Wiley, with ‘Twilight’ and ‘After Midnight’ also co-written with Jonathan Singletary.


And In case you missed it:

“After Midnight (Kraak & Smaak remix)”

+ Guest Feature on Jacques Renault’s “This is Real” * * * *


Intérimes EP Release Concert, Live from Adeline's Living Room

Friday, July 10th

9pm ET

Hosted by Journalist Elaine Welteroth on her Instagram

** This concert will be streamed again with a Live Q&A later in July for Adeline's European audience (date / time TBD)

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