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Adam Yas - Mosquito And The Iron Bull

If you are a fan of fusion when it comes to your music tastes then you may be interested in the brand new single Mosquito And The Iron Bull which was released by US based artist Adam Yas. I would describe this song as almost like the fine dining of music because it is something to be savoured which is good because sometimes taking a break from an instant adrenaline rush is not always such a bad thing.

What you will notice about this song is that is all about the build up, and you find yourself being drawn in from the very start as the music captivates your mind and keeps you transfixed, then when your heavily engrossed in the moment you find your self saying ‘oooo yeah there it is!’ as the beat kicks in, maximizing the experience even more. Mosquito And The Iron Bull, it is rumoured is all about the big sounds, which Adam Yas is noted for, and this is quite easy to see as the song progresses. Imagine being at a intimate show, all eyes fixed where you can hear a pin drop, well Mosquito And The Iron Bull is a like that, because in the best possible way due to such a remarkable energy to it, Adam Yas will have your undivided attention as you fall in love with his music.

I am intrigued to know what else this talented artist has to offer in the months to come, but for now I will live in gratitude that we have mesmerizing songs such as Mosquito And The Iron Bull to quench our thirst.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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