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Adam Lambert’s LGBTQ+ organisation - the Feel Something Foundation - has unveiled its latest collaborative event, kicking off during Pride Month. With the aim to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ experience within the music industry, Adam wanted to bring together some of his fellow LGBTQ+ peers in a round table discussion. He invited artists, songwriters and music creatives who identify as LGBTQ+ to an online Zoom event, to join him in discussing their stories, struggles, and to examine how they can move forward in supporting each other and the wider community.

Partaking in the round table alongside foundation founder Adam Lambert: Ferras Algaisi, Justin Tranter, Ames, Shamir, LP, Shea Diamond, Mary Lambert, Parson James, Tyler Glenn, Ilsey Juber, Conchita Wurst, VINCINT, Alex Newell and Teddy Geiger. The foundation hopes the event will help bring light to the issues LGBTQ+ members have faced and continue to face within the music industry, while reigniting the conversation globally.

During the discussion, the group touched on many important issues and conversations in relation to the music industry and the LGBTQ+ community, including: navigating through the music business as a marginalised member of society; living authentically and truthfully in life and work; inspiring youth, giving voice to and elevating those less privileged; using platforms for activism and  the importance of representation across all LGBTQ+ identities, intersectional with race, class and religion.

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