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aboynamedblu - Oh No!

If you have ever found yourself bumping into an old flame, or someone who was quite close before you both drifted apart, then the latest single ‘Oh No!’ by South African based aboynamedblu will be a song you will find yourself easily resonating with.

There are the awkward silences as you think of what to say, or even the questions playing on your mind of whether you be civil and enter in to small talk or just walk the other way like it was just another stranger. Oh No! takes all of those thought patterns, and helps you to make sense of everything you are feeling, but in a way that aboynamedblu is just encouraging you to see it as it is. Being present in the moment and trying not to let those worries and anxieties unsettle you.

I feel that because of an almost candid and heart on the sleeve approach when it comes to the songwriting of this track, aboynamedblu’s music is bringing a bit of peace and light to a situation which, I know had I not have heard this song before, would of made me even more anxious. You know what is funny though, I often day dream what it would be like to bump into someone I knew from a past life, and what I would say if ever me crossed paths again. Listening to Oh No! Actually makes me realise, as aboynamedblu put it beautifully ‘its just a conversation’.

Oh No! is my represents everything I could ever wish for in a song, great lyricism, an addictive beat, vocals which just draw you in to the song further, and a vibe which just brings a little smile of strength to your day. Up to now I have never had the chance to explore the South African music scene, so I feel truly blessed that aboynamedblu are the ones to take me on that journey. If you look online many will say aboynamedblu is recommended for fans of the likes of The 1975, but as bold a statement as this may be, I really feel that aboynamedblu have the ability to give Matt Healy a run for his money as they pave their own way and continue to create infectious and fantastic tracks such as this.

I could sit here and tell you 101 reasons to go check out Oh No!, but this is one of those occasions that in order to get a true appreciation and understanding you have to experience it for yourself, so whatever your doing right now, stop and give Oh No! by aboynamedblu a listen right now. Enjoy!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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