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A Trip Through Time and Taste: Heddon Yokocho's Delicious Deep Dive into Ramen

Nestled on the lively pedestrianized haven of Heddon Street, Heddon Yokocho isn't your average ramen joint. It's a portal to 1970s Tokyo, transporting you from the heart of London to a vibrant, retro wonderland. From the moment you step inside, the atmosphere is electric. The walls are adorned with Japanese pop culture posters, neon signs cast a warm glow, and upbeat music fills the air. It's a sensory feast even before you delve into the menu.

Speaking of the menu, Heddon Yokocho offers a fantastic set menu option that's perfect for first-timers or indecisive ramen lovers like myself. It allows you to sample a variety of their delicious offerings at a very affordable price. We opted for the set menu, eager to experience the full Yokocho experience.

Our culinary journey began with a selection of gyoza. These pan-fried dumplings were perfectly crisp on the outside, with juicy, flavorful fillings that set the bar high for the rest of the meal. Next came a selection of their signature ramen. Each bowl was a revelation – rich, flavorful broths, perfectly cooked noodles, and an array of toppings that added delightful textural and taste bud-tingling contrasts.

One standout was the classic Shio ramen, where the delicate balance of the seafood broth truly shone. The Chashu pork on top was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the perfectly marinated soft-boiled egg was the ultimate decadent touch. Another highlight was the spicy Tan Tan Men, a fiery explosion of flavors that left a lingering warmth without overpowering the other elements of the dish.

We also opted for a selection of sides to share, and each one was a winner. The edamame was perfectly steamed and generously portioned, the kimchi had a delightful tang, and the karaage (Japanese fried chicken) was beautifully crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

By the end of the meal, we were utterly satisfied. The set menu offered the perfect amount of food, leaving us comfortably full without feeling overly stuffed. The combination of high-quality ingredients, flavorful broths, and perfectly cooked noodles made for a truly exceptional ramen experience.

But what truly elevates Heddon Yokocho is the atmosphere. The friendly and attentive staff, the vibrant decor, and the upbeat music all contribute to a fun and immersive dining experience. It's the perfect place to catch up with friends, have a casual date night, or simply enjoy a delicious and affordable taste of Japan in the heart of London.

If you're looking for a ramen experience that goes beyond just a bowl of noodles, Heddon Yokocho is a must-visit. It's a delicious trip down memory lane, a vibrant celebration of Japanese culture, and most importantly, a place where you can indulge in some of the best ramen London has to offer – all at a price that won't break the bank.

Words by Sal F. & Photos by We Are Nemo.

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