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A New Dawn Will Come: A Listen To 'Night Summer Waiting' By The Ghost Of Helags

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Relaxing on a pocket-sized Italiano hilltop drenched in the rays of the revitalising sun sounds idyllic, and usually would gift plenty of stimulation for creative folk. This year was different; isolation, claustrophobia, and paranoia were the thoughts whirring around in The Ghost Of Helags’ conscience. To release the pressure, the Berlin-based pair Teresa Woischiski and John Alexander Ericson turned to writing music, and the fruits of their labour Night Summer Waiting joined us on October 2nd as an introduction to their forthcoming record.

Teresa reflects on the challenging writing conditions that helped to form Night Summer Waiting:

“The song was written in the heat of this small mountain village on top of a hill in Italy. Completely isolated from society, only reachable via heavy serpentines, almost dangerous to drive in the rain, as the narrow streets get flooded. The only contact with people was the local bar, but everyone wore masks, and human contact was almost impossible. There were no visitors, only a few locals who live there. Between Espressos, red wine, and the almost unbearable heat of the South, this track emerged. As an outcry. In a feeling of vertigo, isolation, exhilaration, and haziness from the heat. From the pain of being denied human touch and belonging.”

Originating from Sweden, the duo incorporate their Scandinavian heritage entwined with the electronica outpourings of their new home to produce Dream Pop creations. Their new track longingly yearns for better days and is hot on the heels of other 2020 numbers, the Chemical Brothers-inspired Parallel, and the surreal Chemistry.

For Night Summer Waiting, elegant keys that tilt towards classic piano house start proceedings and are topped by Teresa’s comforting voice, always leading the way. A European styled beat commences as electronic coatings are added to saturate the song, but the calming ambiance is never lost. Addressing tough times, the sentiment of the lyrics also award hope: “(Night Summer Waiting) and all my loves, keep up don’t fall behind.” Let yourself be soothed by the Helags.

Article by Beverley Knight

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