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888moment X SG SLAV - Like a Guru

There are not enough words to emphasis just how much I have fallen for Like a Guru, the new single which sees 888moment join forces with Canadian based, SG SLAV. When you bring together two pioneers of their art on songs such as Like a Guru, what you have is the music of icons.

Like A Guru has a countless amount of positive points to it. For instance, I really love the almost candid, honest, and say it like it is approach within the lyrics. I am not just bopping and swaying along to the addictive vibe, but I also find myself just connecting to the music even more as i mediate on every word and lyric being spoken.

In the past I would of probably been foolish to let artists such as 888moment and SG SLAV pass me by, but Like A Guru is the game changer for me and has had a impact where I am not just soaking up the music but also loving every single second of it.

I hope that this is not the last time that 888moment and SG SLAV collaborate together, because based on Like A Guru, man these mighty duo have created some absolute fire! Available to check out on all major platforms, make sure you check out Like A Guru right now.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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