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Celebrating creativity, innovation and emerging talent through the world of music, fashion, lifestyle and beyond, we invite you to join us as we create a platform and space to empower, lift up and highlight the incredible and inspirational voices that make this world an extra bit special.


Originally starting as a small online blog centered around combining his passion for writing with his love of music, events and food, it was in 2012 that our Editor-In-Chief and founder, Thushara S. Chandrasiri, made the choice to introduce the world to Darkus.


Taken from the concept ‘Dark Horse’, Thushara’s vision was to create a magazine that celebrated the stories of people who are working hard in life through their creative outlets, but may not necessarily always be noticed. Darkus aimed to bridge this gap and help give a voice to emerging talent.


Fast forward to 2021, as well as being a year that sees us celebrate 10 years, this year also sees us take our next step in our evolution and make Darkus much more than a magazine, but a platform that invests in the experiences of all forms of creativity whilst spreading messages of positive energy and kindness along the way.


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